Creating a ticket on behalf of the client

Agents, managers, and admins can create tickets on behalf of clients.

To create such a ticket:
1. Press “New ticket”
2. Choose the client’s name from the list
3. Enter a subject
4. Choose the department ( * see the note below)
5. Enter the message (add a private note and attach a file if needed)
6. Submit

* Note: when choosing the department, the default agent (associated with that department) will be automatically added as an assignee.
If the department is unset (or has no default assignee) the agent who opens that ticket will be added as an assignee.

After submitting, clients will see such tickets just as if they were created by them.
Agents, however, will see the additional “Created by agent” field, as shown below:

A related document that covers departments: WP-Admin > Almighty Support > Configuration > Departments.