Tickets list and sorting options

You can switch/ sort tickets to see All Open, Mine, New, Pending, Answered, Closed, or Trashed.
Changing that view changes also the tab name in your browser:

All other available options are listed below:

  • Search box- to search for the ticket by subject and content.
  • Plugin configuration- visible to Admins only. Opens Almighty Support backend configuration in a new tab:
  • Focus mode- to switch between the full-screen and the focus view:
  • New ticket- to open a new ticket on behalf of the client.
  • Status- you can sort tickets by status alphabetically (ascending or descending).
  • Title- you can sort tickets by title alphabetically (ascending or descending).
  • Department- to sort tickets by department (ascending or descending).
  • Author- you can sort tickets by author’s name (ascending or descending).
  • Updated- to sort tickets by dates (ascending or descending).
  • Last reply by – the name of the agent or client who replied last.

The default sorting of the “All Open” tickets follows the order: New, Pending- Escalated, Pending, Pending- On Hold, Answered: