To view the support interface/ handle tickets, you need to create a separate page for it. That page will be available to site owners/ admins and to all site users. However, the admin and user interface/ view are different.

The basic option is to create just one page, go to WP- Admin > Pages > Add New, and apply the “almighty_support” shortcode, or, choose the “Almighty Support” block. You can call it “Support” for example. To make your new “Support” page available to all users, you need to add it to your preferred location/ menu.

However, if you would like to have a separate URL for the agents and the clients, and/or to use different layouts, widgets, etc. for these two types of users, you can create an additional page (in WP-Admin > Pages > Add New).
We would suggest one page for agents (e.g. Agent Support), one for clients (e.g. Support), and a general one (e.g. Contact).
Then, you can find that page and make it as the default one in the Navigation settings:

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If you are using PeepSo and PeepSo- Almighty Support integration plugins on your website, in the integration plugin settings, you can enable the “Profile tab” to show/give access to “Support” directly from users’ profiles:

In that case, also the additional “PeepSo Profile” option appears in Navigation: