• General

You can configure the default Sender name and email address here.

The {site_name} applied above and in templates, displays the relevant site name, as set in WP-Admin > Settings > General >Site Title.

  • Override entire HTML

It is also possible to override the entire HTML. Copy and paste your custom email HTML into the “HTML Template” box and emails created with AlmightySupport will follow your new design.

  • Templates

Here, you can find (and modify) the default tokens and email templates.

All available email templates are:

  • New Ticket Agent
  • New Ticket Client
  • Ticket Assigned
  • Ticket Reply Agent
  • Ticket Reply Client
  • Ticket Needs Attention
  • Ticket Auto-Closed
  • Ticket Closed Agent
  • Ticket Closed Client
  • Ticket Reopened Agent
  • Ticket Reopened Client
  • Ticket Private Notes

In the below example, a client “kkjaw” creates a new ticket using the “Add ticket” feature on the support page.
The default agent, in this case, is “Chris Jaworski” (

Here is the email received by that agent. You can see how tokens and templates work:

At the same time, the client, “kkjaw” receives the following email message:

That message is related to the corresponding template, in this case:

The video tutorials on Emails: