Email Piping

You can enable the option to open and respond to tickets via email (without logging into the website) here: WP-Admin > Almighty Support > Configuration > Advanced > Email Piping.

  • Email Piping

When this option is enabled, you can:
– Choose connection- IMAP or Gmail
– Modify the default “Reply Above” text
– Set allowed users- Anyone, or Registered only
– Set allowed emails- All, New, or Reply emails only
– Block some email addresses
– Block some phrases in the email subject
– Set the default department- to assign all new tickets (created automatically in the system when an email to the relevant/ provided Support email address is sent) to that department.
If the default assignee is set for that department (WP-Admin > Almighty Support > Departments), all tickets will be also assigned to that support staff member.

  • IMAP/ Gmail

– Configure the relevant IMAP or Gmail connection
– Check the configuration