• Add New Department

You can create a new department, add the name, description, the default agent, and publish that department right away or later.
When an agent replies to the ticket that has no agent assigned (the “Default assignee” is set to “Unassigned”), that agent’s name will be automatically assigned to that ticket.

  • Departments List

You can expand or collapse this list.

To change that order and/ or set the specific department as the default one, simply click and hold on the department name box, and drag and drop it in the chosen location.

The first department from the top of the list will be seen by clients as a default one when creating the ticket, as in the below screenshots:

The available options/ settings for each department are:

  1. Edit/ change the department name
  2. Collapse the individual department’s view
  3. Delete department
  4. Add/ edit the department’s description
  5. Set the default agent (all tickets sent to this department will be assigned to this agent)
  6. Publish/ unpublish department

Here is a video tutorial explaining how to create/ configure departments: