You can set the native WP cron and the External Cron here: WP-Admin > Almighty Support > Configuration > Advanced > Cron.

A cron job is a scheduling and automation tool available only on a Unix system like Linux. Creating cron jobs helps improve web page load times and management efficiency, as you don’t need to execute the same tasks repeatedly.

In the case of Almighty Support, the cron job is used to:

WP Cron – the native WP cron feature is built into every WordPress installation and runs in the background. It is triggered every time the page is loaded by the admin or user.

External Cron – this is a bit more challenging configuration at first, but it is very easy to set up. It will require access to the cPanel of your hosting. If you don’t know how to access your cPanel, please consult the hosting support. Every decent hosting provider should offer a cron job. If they don’t provide access to cron jobs, then, you have two options.
Change the hosting, or, use external Cron Job services like Easy Cron

  • cPanel commands

After accessing cpanel cron jobs, this is the list of commands you can use:

Mail Queue
wget > /dev/null
curl > /dev/null

Auto Close
wget  > /dev/null
curl  > /dev/null

Remove Private Notes
wget   > /dev/null
curl   > /dev/null

Email Piping
wget   > /dev/null
curl   > /dev/null

Cleanup Attachments
wget   > /dev/null
curl   > /dev/null

  • External Cron Commands

If you decide to use external cron services like Easy Cron, then all you have to do is enter these commands:

Mail Queue :
Auto Close :
Remove Private Notes :
Email piping :
Cleanup attachments :

The video tutorial on Cron: